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If you are a team leader of a paranormal team please contact us to be added to our list of teams. We will sort teams out by state and what kind of work they do. If you are looking to join a team we can also help by posting your information and allowing teams to see your information. If they are interested in you joining their team they can contact you directly.

Some teams ask for donations to help them continue helping others. This is normal and if a team tells you they don't trust a team that charges for their services but asks you for a donation you must have to look at their motives. Since Northwest Ghost Hunters can't tell teams what they can or can't charge, you it is up to you to ask them if they have a fee for their services. There are many teams that do charge a fee and they offer the best help they can. That does not mean they are better and will give you a solution to you your problems.

You need to look for a team that understands your situation and will work with you around your schedule. There are plenty of teams that are just out for fun and not really qualified to communicate with the dead. In a great number of cases many teams have never successfully communicated with the dead. Most paranormal teams are just out for a social event and when faced with the realities of communicating with the dead they freak out and leave.

We will do our best to weed through them and find teams that are truly gifted and offer you a good chance to help resolve your issue.

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Home | About Us | Contact Us | Get Help | Paranormal Teams | Up Coming Projects | What is the Paranormal

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